Desert Mosaic School
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School Board
Desert Mosaic School Board Members:

Mr. Joseph B. Weeks
Dr. Jay George
Ms. Wendy Weeks

School Board meetings are open to the public. Notices of Public Meetings will be posted on the Desert Mosaic School bulletin board located on the south side of building A. For further information regarding our schedule of board meetings please call 578-2022.  Most recent notice(s) of public meeting: 1, and 2.

General School Information
Desert Mosaic School is a not for profit, tuition free charter school currently serving students in grades 1-12. We have a rigorous academic schedule with a focus on mathematics and language arts. We do not give "D" letter grades, any grade earned below a "C" is failing. This is something to consider if transferring from another school.
To initiate the enrollment process please email us or call us at (520) 578-2022